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"Anna, a Marilyn Monroe double, fully embraces the 1960s art scene. As she becomes emotionally invested in her impersonation, the line between art and reality begins to blur."

Anna hooks up with Nick, Ethan, and they soon become inseparable. Anna tries to cover over the agony of her past by transforming into a Marilyn Monroe doppelganger. She soon discovers that being Marilyn won’t protect her from heartbreak and other dangers.

The story ends in a surprise, emotional bang as Anna lay in a coma, and JFK is murdered. "Memoirs of a Woman With Two Lovers" sums up the conflicting emotions of the time, bringing together its idealism and its darker side. Written against a backdrop of Kennedy loves, won and lost with Monroe, Free Love, and Andy Warhol, for readers who yearn for a glimpse into the Pop culture, and loves of the time. The novel intertwines fiction, historical figures, and the Zeitgeist for a perceptive look at American history. "Memoirs of a Woman With Two Lovers" directs its story at adult readers of all ages; the historical novel delivers all this, with a good dose of eroticism thrown in for good measure. 
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