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Make Money Online with your Website or Brand with these 5 Essential Marketing Strategies

(Updated May13 2024)  

Like me, you have most likely visited tons of sites and couldn't figure out what they were talking about. You read about the importance of an Seo marketing company, Seo technology, Seo specialists.

All you want are basic essentials to get money rolling into your bank account. So read on, and begin to incorporate these essentials into your website.

First Essential: Content. Create solid content for your website, blog, or brand. Begin by doing some soul searching. What do you say or do, that gets people feeling good about you?

What will make your product relate-able to customers? Treat customers like close friends, who will react to feeling good about themselves, from your message, or brand.

Do you remember the old adage, Content is King? How true it is. If you possess great writing skills, that's awesome. If you are not sure, then hire good writer who possesses the skills to make your website or blog informative, looking good, while making your customer a happy, and informed camper.

Your website, or blog is mainly about copy, and good copy leads to profitability. This cost money. If necessary spend whatever your budget allows. 

Seek a copywriter with  solid skills to write attractive headlines, descriptions, and meta descriptions, for your website's success. 

Second Essential: Design. Solid, clear, uncluttered design will invite people to view your website, and or get them close to your brand. Website design definitely affects how most Internet users feel about your brand online. But don't forget content.

Place strategic content above the fold to optimize your site for search engines. The fold is the area of your website visible to users before scrolling. Although current trends ignore this design concept of copy above the fold, I urge you to ignore these trendy ideas.

The main features that make people distrust a webpage are busy layouts, numerous pop-up advertisements, boring web design, and slow page loading time, which may be related to design.

Your ultimate design must be eye-catching, so your customers can navigate through your digital office, with ease. Keep in mind, Less is more. 

In other words. less clutter on your page, is necessary. Control your impulse to toss everything in that pops up in your head.

Design cost money. Good design is out there from professional designers or teams. Research, talk, chat with them. Get as much information as you can, before you plunk down your dollars.

Third Essential: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What is that? Everything we have been writing about leads to solid SEO. Clear, and informative content, Clear, and user friendly design, etc. 

With quality SEO, you will get your pages to rank higher in the web search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc. Why? Because that is the way people find you when they are looking for something.

In this day, and age where speed of information is the essence, it is important to be high on the first page of the search to stand a chance of monetizing your site.

Fourth Essential: SEO Keywords. Your website, or blog will rank higher in Search engines, if you clearly optimize content around words, and phrases that people specifically search for.

Most effective keywords are uncovered when you do keyword research. This is easily done by referring to Google Adwords, Microsoft Ads, among several keyword research tools.

For effective SEO pay close attention to SEO specifics such as meta tags, image alt-tags. Target your keywords for what your audience is searching for in search engines. This takes time to build effectively. So do it now, and keep improving as you go along

(More essentials in the works. Check back daily)

Gerald Rotberg Circus Magazine owner founder, editor-publisher. Est 1966About me:  Gerald Rothberg is the owner founder, editor-publisher of CIRCUS Magazine, the legendary Rock Music publication. Est 1966

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